Every project is unique, therefore, our design can be customized to suit your needs. They are different widths and heights to accommodate any space, curve or incline.

Note: you will need a 3 lb. hammer, 5/32 allen wrench, 7/16 open end wrench, small level and vice grips. We will supply screws, nuts, and 90 degree corners.


  1. Start at the unmovable structure, house-existing fence or gate location.

  2. Water ground along fence line the night before or wait for rain to make installation easier.

  3. Lay a string line to follow the path of your new fence. It’s best to leave a ¼ inch space between the line and the fence sections.

  4. Pound the fence into the ground, starting with the high side of the section, rocking from high to low.

  5. Continue to pound the fence into the ground until bottom rail is about 4 inches from ground and plum. 

  6. Adjust pre-drilled holes for grade and attach the adjoining section with screws.

  7. Use 16-inch sections at 45 degrees to make radius or to go uphill or downhill.

  8. If you hit a root or a rock, pick a different length section to span the obstruction. 


We will install for $10.00 per foot depending on terrain. For the fee of $15 per foot we install on concrete/stone

Handcrafted in Colorful Colorado

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