English Garden Fence is manufactured in various heights based on your application and are measured from grade up. Panels are available “Single Loop” and “Double Loop” styles. Two inch spacing, commonly used for smaller pets, can be added to any style.

See pricing below for our most popular heights.

Custom design / sizing / concrete or mason wall mounting is subject to an additional fee.

"Victorian Loop" style pricing is variable by materials and height so please contact us for a quote.



Face Forward without gate $250

Face Forward with variable sized gate starts at $650

Face Forward with variable sized double gate starts at $750

Double Arch without gate $300

Double Arch with variable sized gate starts at $700

Double Arch with variable sized double gate starts at $800

72" Trellis Panels

16x72 inch section part # TSL-1672 or TDL-1672 $125

32x72 inch section part # TSL-3272 or TDL-3272 $250

Accessory Pieces

Decorative gate part # DG-36 $475 or DG-48 $500

Double Decorative gates - pricing subject to assessment

Stair stepped finished ends part # FE-1236 $40 or FE-1248 $50

Hedge Border Panels

12x12 inch section part # SL-1212 $15

24" Tall Fences

8x24 inch section part # SL-0824 $20

8x24 inch LOLA section part # SL-0824 $25

16x24 inch section part # SL-1624 or DL-1624 $40

16x24 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1624 or LLDL-1624 $50

32x24 inch section part # SL-3224 or DL-3224 $80

32x24 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3224 or LLDL-3224 $100

48x24 inch section part # SL-4824 or DL-4824 $120

48x24 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-4824 or LLDL-4824 $150

36" Tall Fences

8x36 inch section part # SL-0836 $25

8x36 inch LOLA section part # SL-0836 $30

16x36 inch section part # SL-1636 or DL-1636 $50

16x36 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1636 or LLDL-1636 $60

32x36 inch section part # SL-3236 or DL-3236 $100

32x36 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3236 or LLDL-3236 $120

48x36 inch section part # SL-4836 or DL-4836 $150

48x36 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-4836 or LLDL-4836 $180

42" Tall Fences

8x42 inch section part # SL-0842 $28

8x42 inch LOLA section part # SL-0842 $33

16x42 inch section part # SL-1642 or DL-1642 $55

16x42 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1642 or LLDL-1642 $65

32x42 inch section part # SL-3242 or DL-3242 $110

32x42 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3242 or LLDL-3242 $130

48x42 inch section part # SL-4842 or DL-4842 $165

48x42 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-4842 or LLDL-4842 $195

48" Tall Fences

8x48 inch section part # SL-0848 $30

8x48 inch LOLA section part # SL-0848 $35

16x48 inch section part # SL-1648 or DL-1648 $60

16x48 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1648 or LLDL-1648 $70

32x48 inch section part # SL-3248 or DL-3248 $120

32x48 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3248 or LLDL-3248 $140

48x48 inch section part # SL-4848 or DL-4848 $180

48x48 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-4848 or LLDL-4848 $210

60" Tall Fences

8x60 inch section part # SL-0860 $40

8x60 inch LOLA section part # SL-0860 $45

16x60 inch section part # SL-1660 or DL-1660 $80

16x60 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1660 or LLDL-1660 $90

32x60 inch section part # SL-3260 or DL-3260 $160

32x60 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3260 or LLDL-3260 $180

48x60 inch section part # SL-4860 or DL-4860 $240

48x60 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-4860 or LLDL-4860 $270

72" Tall Fences

8x72 inch section part # SL-0872 $50

8x72 inch LOLA section part # SL-0872 $55

16x72 inch section part # SL-1672 or DL-1672 $100

16x72 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-1672 or LLDL-1672 $110

32x72 inch section part # SL-3272 or DL-3272 $200

32x72 inch LOLA sections part # LLSL-3272 or LLDL-3272 $220

Deer loops to deter animals are available for $10 per foot

Retro fit deer loop to existing split rail wood fence for $12 per foot 


Contact for custom design pieces