Established 2007 in Boulder, Colorado

Heather Graham and Lee Manzanares are the co-owners, co-fabricators, co-installers and sales reps of English Garden Fence. A small but efficient company that focuses on quality over quantity.

They operate out of a small work shop on East Pearl Street in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

H E A T H E R   G R A H A M

Heather has a background in finance and manufacturing. As a Colorado native, she has been around fencing and steel her entire life. She helps run the family business in Boulder that her grandfather started in the early 70’s which was building fences. Her father inherited the business and is now operated as a custom structural steel fabrication shop. It is a natural progression that she has the bug to build steel fence. As a young girl, Heather helped her father build fences and dog kennels. Too bad these lovely modular panels weren’t around back then… it would have saved her from going head first into a 36” post hole to retrieve her dad’s tape measure. No post holes need to be dug with this simple fencing system!

Lee is Colorado born and raised. He has had many jobs over the years but he got started working with metal as a young boy going to work with his father at a fabrication shop. There he learned to plan projects, fabricate, assemble, weld, and use many different tools to bring ideas to life. From there grew his love of fixing things from cars to houses. Lee drove heavy equipment at a gravel pit and then moved into driving semi-trucks. One day, in late June of 2014, he made a delivery at a steel shop in Boulder where he met Heather. A few years later,, she asked Lee to help build and install English Garden Fence. He accepted and soon after, they became business partners. Lee left the trucking industry to become a full time welder at Heather's family structural steel business. Like Heather, Lee came back around to the trade he learned as a child and has rediscovered the love for this work.

L E E   M A N Z A N A R E S